dimanche, mars 26

Poverty Mapping

Globally, there are over 6 billion people of which 20 % live below the poverty line and have only 2% of the world income[1] (Human development trends 2005). General trends indicate that the poverty reduction goal of halving the poverty rate by year 2015 can be met on a global level, particularly because of fast progress in Asia. Conversely, Africa and Latin America see little growth while income increases in Asia and OECD and decreases in East Europe. In 2000, Africa is the home of one third of all poor. In 2015, Africa will account for the majority of the world poverty.

Three quarters of the poor live in rural[2] areas where agriculture remains their main source of income. They form the core of the informal sector where the productivity is low.
[1] UNDP, Human Development Trends 2005
[2] IFAD, Rural Poverty Report 2001: the Challenge of Ending Rural Poverty; and World Bank, Rural Finance Services: Implementing The Bank’s Strategy to Reach the Rural Poor

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