vendredi, décembre 15

Did You Know?

Poverty mapping in 2030

The number of people living in extreme poverty could be cut in half over the next 25 years as global economic output, increasingly driven by developing countries, more than doubles, according to World Bank projections released this week. Total international economic output is projected to climb to USD 72 trillion by 2030 from USD 35 trillion in 2005 as annual growth averages about 3 percent, reflecting growth rates of 2.5 percent for high-income countries and 4.2 percent for lower-income developing countries. That outlook was in the World Bank's latest ‘Global Economic Prospects 2007: Managing the Next Wave of Globalization’ report, the first to make such long-run forecasts.

What we do not know is the future mapping of poverty. At the current trend, the bulk of poor will be leaving in sub-Saharan Africa in year 2030.

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